Americans with Disabilities Act and Universal Design Services

TPB Enterprises
TPB Enterprises, LLC provides a variety of ADA compliance services as well as unique and effective Universal Design solutions to governments, small businesses, not-for-profits, and corporations.

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TPB provides compliance reports that reflect the applicable provisions of Titles I, II and III of the ADA, ensuring holistic, efficient and targeted compliance outcomes which demonstrate good faith efforts toward meeting civil rights responsibilities related to disability. 

TPB provides more than just surveys; we tailor the information to your specific compliance needs with the goal of putting your organization in the best position possible to meet diverse needs in the marketplace, the workplace, and in the regulatory realm. 

We enhance these services through our expertise in implementing and highlighting effective Universal Design practices, approaches which aim to provide comfortable and welcoming environments for people of all diverse abilities and characteristics. 


TPB Enterprises serves businesses ranging in size from sole proprietorships to corporations.  Whether you need an ADA compliance report to compliment your business license, or you are looking to maximize your reach in the workforce and marketplace through Universal Design practices, TPB has experience and the ability to meet the needs of your small or large business.  We will ensure you are in position to demonstrate good faith efforts toward meeting employment and/or readily achievable barrier removal regulations and standards. 

State & Local Government

TPB supports city and county governments in meeting responsibilities under Title 2 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Through physical, programmatic, and policy reviews, we help your entity ensure that it is addressing barriers in a way that maximizes inclusion and overall "Program Accessibility". 


TPB Enterprises is always looking for opportunities to provide training in cooperation with non-profits to provide educational activities related to disability rights and inclusion.  Furthermore, TPB can support you with accessibility reporting requirements set forth by funding sources and/or governmental entities.  We help plan community-based activities and can help you make sure your events are planned and executed in an inclusive manner.