Americans with Disabilities Act and Universal Design Services

TPB Enterprises
TPB Enterprises, LLC provides a variety of ADA compliance services as well as unique and effective Universal Design solutions to governments, small businesses, not-for-profits, and corporations.

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Principle and Founder

Troy Balthazor, M.Ed., ACTCP, and Founder of TPB Enterprises, has worked in the disability field for over 25 years. He has spent much of his career advocating for the utilization of Universal Design in the built environment and in the classroom, his primary goal being the inclusion of all members of our diverse communities in the activities and environments everyone enjoys.  Troy served as an Americans with Disabilities Act Specialist for the Great Plains ADA Center for over 10 years.  The ADA Center is part of the University of Missouri's Architecture Department in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. 

Troy provides training, education and technical assistance on the ADA and related civil rights legislation to businesses, public entities, people with disabilities and their families, and a variety of other audiences.  He helped plan and host the National ADA Symposium annually, providing the most comprehensive training available in the United States on the rights and responsibilities set forth under landmark civil rights laws aimed at providing equal opportunity to all citizens, regardless of ability level. 

Troy also spent several years teaching inclusive recreation courses at the University of Missouri in the Parks and Recreation Department and continues to be involved across campus helping Mizzou move toward providing a fully inclusive and welcoming college experience for all that attend the university.