Americans with Disabilities Act and Universal Design Services

TPB Enterprises
TPB Enterprises, LLC provides a variety of ADA compliance services as well as unique and effective Universal Design solutions to governments, small businesses, not-for-profits, and corporations.

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TPB Enterprises provides comprehensive training on all areas of the ADA. Examples of training options include:

• Front-line staff training on disability etiquette and common legal issues
• Organization-wide training on Title 1 (Employment), Title 2 (State and Local Governments) and Title 3 (Businesses and other “Public Accommodations”) of the ADA
• Service Animals
• 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design
• History of Disability
• Universal Design
• Inclusive Recreation
• Many other topics tailored to YOUR needs!


Compliance Surveys

TPB utilizes a time-tested system for providing thorough, clear, and concise ADA compliance surveys and reports. Our experience is wide-reaching and includes campuses, office buildings, outdoor environments, and manufacturing facilities. There are many professionals available to you who can complete accessibility surveys – TPB Enterprises gives you more by relating physical accessibility to the regulatory requirements your entity faces. Our reports provide guidance and establish priorities for reasonable inclusion plans that take into account “Readily Achievable Barrier Removal” requirements for businesses, as well as “Program Accessibility” requirements for State and Local Governments. In short, TPB Enterprises uses the information gleaned through surveys to provide your organization with a thorough plan that makes sense based on your structure and needs. We don’t leave you with a completed checklist; we provide a full reflection of your organization’s position and greatly enhance your good faith effort to comply with civil rights legislation.


Universal Design Reports

Universal Design approaches are an entity’s way of demonstrating it is making it’s best efforts to meet the needs of our diverse global population.  Universal Design moves beyond basic compliance, and provides the answer to the question, “What is your organization doing to maximize inclusion for people of all abilities, cultures, and diverse characteristics?”.  “Employers of Choice” for people with disabilities and other diverse characteristics recognize the value of a diverse workforce and the opportunities inherent in universally designing facilities and programs to seamlessly meet the needs of all users.  TPB Enterprises incorporates a Universal Design reporting system that is unmatched in quality, value, and evidence-based practices.